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FSP Licence No: 43268
Business Process Outsourcing Specialists

What we do

Keveko Investments offers direct selling and distribution outsourcing, specifically focusing and specializing in Insurance sales for product providers and Banks. Keveko has experience and expertise in this field and believe we can add value with outsourcing insurance sales.

Mission and Goals

  • We want to make our customers outcomes and goals come true, adding value to their business and delivering on their objectives.
  • We want to go beyond the call by delivering an outstanding customer experience, as a result of our commitment, passion and dedication to excellence.
  • We want to take action and implement new customer campaigns quickly, efficiently, with energy and enthusiasm.

Keveko Investments Value Proposition:

  • We offer Outsourcing / Direct insurance distribution as a specialized telesales operation to deliver a better return on investment and a high quality of sales.
  • We provide speed to market as we have management skills, trained staff, constant recruitment, compliance and technology in place to take products to market quickly.
  • We are specialized, this is our focus and our core business, and thus we can deliver greater efficiency and higher productivity for our client, which leads to better sales results.
  • We train and employ staff continuously and manage ongoing recruitment, which is the biggest strain in a call center environment.
  • We are FSB registered with FAIS licenses in all the categories, long and short term. We take on the advice and intermediary services risk. Compliance incurs hefty demands on processes, technology and resources.
  • Compliance is non negotiable at Keveko, we have Quality Assurance processes in place to ensure quality business.
  • We use technology to help drive sales, which improve sales results.
  • Keveko has experience and expertise in selling Insurance related products and has developed scripts and techniques as well as objection handling to ensure better sales results.
  • We have the flexibility to grow numbers quickly based on the needs of our clients. 
  • By outsourcing you can save time and get the economies of scale that come with dealing with a specialized distributor.

Do you have questions about how we can help your business?

Send us an email and we’ll get in touch shortly, our dedicated team are always happy to help. You can also phone 087 232 7017 Monday to Friday.